5 Simple Tips for a Healthy lifestyle

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Simple and basic

We all live busy lives. Interestingly, we don’t have time for ourselves to follow any tips for a healthy lifestyle but somehow manage to squeeze in time to accomplish enormous amounts of work, every single day.

Keeping a tab on the investment of time challenges we all have, we did our research and found 5 simple tips for a Healthy lifestyle that can go a long way, when it comes to kickstarting it in terms of sustainability. These tips are inclusive of our wellbeing needs of physical health and mental wellness. Both physical and mental health are interlinked and cannot be seen in isolation.

Healthy lifestyle tips

5 Simple tips, easy to do, for a healthy life:

The following are bite sized tips, which anyone can accommodate everyday. While they are basic and simple, these tips trigger a healthy mindset which provide more scope along the way to add on more healthy tips. If you have no time to implement more tips, then sticking to these basic ones can make a lot of difference. Implement and decide for yourself.

Tip #1 : Drink a mug full of lime warm water, on empty stomach.

It kickstarts your gut, increases metabolism, aids in weight loss, gives your clearer-fresh looking skin, gives a boost of energy, relieves constipation, detoxifies your body, disrupts acid building in the body, gives you loads of nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium etc- which help in promoting immunity and fighting infections.

Do yourself a favor, before taking in any caffeine drink plenty of water as coffee/tea are acidic in nature.

Tip #2: Get your daily vitamin D dosage for 10-15min

Vitamin D supports more than just bone strength. Lack of vitamin D, impacts not just bones density but affects your vital organs functioning; Vitamin D deficiency increases heart related complications and triggers hormone craziness (impacts thyroid too), unusual fatigue, body aches, muscle cramps and depression, dizziness, to name a few. A good balance of Vitamin D aids in nerves functioning, your immunity boosting, improved skin health, stronger bones, stronger immunity and overall health.

Make sure to sit/walk in the morning sun, with your skin soaking in the sunlight. Much needed especially, in times of the pandemic. Your healthy vitamin D levels could be fighting back major infections without your knowledge.

Tip # 3: Get Zen like- Gift yourself 10-15min of calm time.

You deserve it. Gift yourself calm time, before you scurry around planning for the day, doing the chores, caring for others, just let that calmness sink in..for yourself. No one else can give it to you, but yourself with your conscious permission. This strengthens your composure for the rest of the day, staying connected with your inner guidance, with all your internal systems working in better sync ‘for’ you, in your favor.

Tip #4: Mindful eating– pack your meals with at least 50% alkaline food.

Alkaline foods do wonders to the body. They are like the internal cops that bring out the optimum functioning of your body- minimizes the acidic state of a body, increases energy and metabolic rate, reduces body aches and exhaustion, gives a better state of mind, improved skin, more calories to burn, to name a few.

Alkaline foods undo the onset of illnesses, if consumed at a sustained level. Make sure you consume alkaline foods in 50% of your meals, at the least.

Tip #5: Keep your body moving, don’t sit idle for too long.

Sitting idle for too long increases cardio-health risk, triggers spine issues and impacts lymph movement.

On the other hand, walking around every 30-45mins or doing some simple activity, burns calories, gives you that needed blood circulation, increases lymph movement (reduces cellulite), exercises your heart, your bone joints, keeps your body light, energetic and keeps you positive. Overall, reduces a host of -health issues due to sedentary lifestyle.

Now, that we have shared these 5 simple tips, try to do them everyday, accomplish easy goals, correlating to them and maintain consistency. Keep us posted on any other tips you come across and is working well for you.

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