comfort eating to mindful eating
Feeling down in the dumps, our feet will find their way to the pantry. It could be a bag of chips, a pizza, a bowl of ice cream, a glass of wine, or endless mugs of coffee. Your pick can vary. Comfort eating seems to be the vent to let that bad feeling pass. But if you want to be on a healthy and fitter scale, mindful eating must be the choice over comfort eating.
rebounding exercise faqs answered
Rebounding exercise undoubtedly has various benefits in terms of fitness and health. But it is good to weigh your options before making rebounding exercise part of your routine. Depending on your medical history, body type, and physiological responses to workouts, understanding rebounding exercise and getting answers to your lingering questions about it
We get it. It is a busy life. Getting more out of less seems far-reaching when you are busy at work, a tired parent juggling multiple priorities, or are simply caught up in the vicious circle of life, in general. Squeezing in an incredible workout of 10 minutes instead of spending hours at the gym seems like a dream. The lingering question, though… ‘Is it for real?’ remains. Does a workout like that exist? It does.
rebounding exercise
Rebounding boosts your metabolism, burns more calories like a typical workout. As we understand, running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is equal to bouncing on a rebounder for 10 minutes. Additionally, if the bouncing is done for a reasonable length of time which produces sweat leading to loss of water from the body. And with, fat-burning enables weight loss, especially when bouncing is done until the time of sweating it out, increased absorption of oxygen in the bloodstream, and an improved heart rate. It is observed from other studies, that a reasonable time for rebounding to help in weight loss is a good 30-minute workout. Results have proven loss of belly fat, due to the lower body workout during prolonged bouncing (with feet leaving the mat)
Intermittent fasting is it for everyone
Intermittent fasting has been endorsed by medical experts and researchers alike. The benefits of intermittent fasting are myriad, to ignore them out. But what is written in fine print in different studies is the fact that intermittent fasting may not be suitable for everyone. Or intermittent fasting may not bring out the same results for everyone.
healthy living
Few years ago, when I became a new Mom, my weight was at 190 lbs and things went haywire, postpartum. My cholesterol shot up, I developed high blood pressure, had shortness of breath, my lipid profile did not look too good, my clothes size went up 3 times and pretty much was seen as size. The point here is beyond my looks getting oversized, my health went for a toss. Losing weight with yoga was an option, but I wanted to be sure.
We all live busy lives. Interestingly, we don’t have time for ourselves to follow any tips for a healthy lifestyle but somehow manage to squeeze in time to accomplish enormous amounts of work, every single day.
Eating and our love for food roots from our early days, from when we were a baby or a toddler. Every time a toddler cries, an adult pacifies the child with a candy or something sweet. This is something we have seen and been taught, experienced to regulate our emotions from our childhood by means of food.
Detoxification is the process of removing toxic materials from your body. It is surprising to know as to why your body needs detoxification, in the first place. You are not alone to think why your body house would any toxification at all. Our bodies could be consuming toxic chemicals either from air, unhealthy food habits, water, cosmetics, or plastic containers we use, micro-waved food or any other habits we may have.

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