comfort eating to mindful eating
Feeling down in the dumps, our feet will find their way to the pantry. It could be a bag of chips, a pizza, a bowl of ice cream, a glass of wine, or endless mugs of coffee. Your pick can vary. Comfort eating seems to be the vent to let that bad feeling pass. But if you want to be on a healthy and fitter scale, mindful eating must be the choice over comfort eating.
We all live busy lives. Interestingly, we don’t have time for ourselves to follow any tips for a healthy lifestyle but somehow manage to squeeze in time to accomplish enormous amounts of work, every single day.
Eating and our love for food roots from our early days, from when we were a baby or a toddler. Every time a toddler cries, an adult pacifies the child with a candy or something sweet. This is something we have seen and been taught, experienced to regulate our emotions from our childhood by means of food.

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