Herbal remedies: Why is it crucial to learn about Herbal Remedies, now.

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Herbal Remedies: What happens when you add salt to a Cabbage..?

Herbal Remedies

This pandemic has taught us that it is crucial time for all of us, to stay in control of our health. It is the best time for us to discover and learn about Herbal Remedies. Read on to understand why.

If not busy, we are locked down at home. Mostly remote and having minimal access to things, we seem to be looking for answers and shortcuts which help in resolving any ‘prospective’ scarcity issues and address medical issues.

Common observations

A common behavior we observed during the pandemic was restocking our pantry, our refrigerators, medicines, face masks, not to forget ‘toilet-rolls’, in case of emergencies. Consuming over the counter instant medicines is routine to our everyday lifestyle. Rather than being driven by the Covid-19, one trend we continue to see and experience is how do we regain control of our living, while being safe.

Restocking stuff, during the pandemic

If there was one thing I had to choose in terms of criticality on what I’d stock up, first- it would be food and medicines. Food, yes, we can make do by choosing various alternatives and frozen food options for months together. But what about medicines? We cannot afford to choose alternative pharma medicines, owing to their unique approved formulae and combinations during their making, correlating of the medical issue that is hoped to be addressed.

It pushed me to the point to think, like food, do we have any other alternatives for medicines, which are safer to use? What if someone at home had a bad flu or diarrhea or bouts of allergic reactions or even fever? What about pain management? Imagine, not being able to access pain-killers, then what? And on doing further research, I stumbled upon various home remedies that can be the answers to a lot of questions, but not all. 

 I realized that we have a natural herbal solutions within the comfort of our own backyard or community or street. But, yes, we do need help to recognize herbs, plants and use them in the right way. Being more of prepper myself, thanks to this pandemic, enforcing paranoia of scant and shortage, limiting social interaction, holding back travel, I knew I had to be prepared for my family and myself. 

It is more crucial now to adopt more safety measures and remedies, due to the vulnerability this pandemic has exposed us to.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies– A review

One of the best guides I saw in recent times is “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies” by Dr. Nicole Apelian, Ph.D who is a biologist, herbalist , survival skills instructor (with her experiences living with the Bushmen in the Kalahari desert, working as Ethnobotanist in Botswana). With the wealth of information on herbs that she gathered, she transformed her own life from being bedridden to being fully alive, from surviving to thriving.

In correlation to the years of knowledge and experience, Dr. Nicole gathered, everything she shares along with Claude Davis is simply priceless in the book- to make best use of the natural resources around us, which are forgotten or lost or overlooked around us.

Dr. Nicole before she fully recovered from a health condition, with the help of herbs/plants

In 2015, Dr. Nicole was among the first few women to be featured in the History Channel’s TV show ‘Alone’. She then went on to survive for 57 days straight alone in the wild with little more than the plants that she found there.

She believed that there are many more people who need to find their own remedy. And this led her to her life’s mission of sharing this knowledge about the power of plants with others, with this book.

The book comprises her 20–28 years of plant knowledge and her first-hand experiences of making her own poultices, tinctures, decoctions, salves, syrups, infused oils, and other herbal remedies.

Dr. Nicole, in practice, making the herbal remedies

In the book, you will discover the Forgotten Power of Plants and learn about Herbal Remedies

You’ll find 800+ beneficial plants and remedies in “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies”. It includes recipes of tinctures, teas, decoctions, essential oils, syrups, salves, poultices, infusions and many other natural remedies that our grandparents used for centuries. What’s also special about this book is that it has between 2 and 4 high definition, color pictures for each plant and detailed identification guidelines to make sure you’ve got the right plant.

This book is easy to use for beginners, seasoned herbalists or generally people who have no experience with plants at all.

Few Herbal excerpts from the book – Learn what Herbal remedies can do for you!

Cottonwood Bud Oil

Cottonwood bud oil is very effective for relieving pain and inflammation in swollen joints, carpal tunnel and muscles. Massage the oil or salve into the affected area 3x/day.

The Painkilling Plant
The painkilling plant” that grows in most backyards which helps in pain reduction.

In the book, you will learn how to extract the ‘lactucarium’ which directly acts on the central nervous system to lessen the pain feeling. The book has all the instructions, step by step, on how to use it and how to recognize plants as well, with high definition images and guidance.

Yarrow, Usnea arrested bleeding and infection
The plant(s) that help in stopping bleeding”

Dr. Nicole found two plants by personal experience which helped in stopping bleeding of her own wound she got, while gutting a fish (on day 42, of the Alone show). Yarrow which stopped the bleeding, in combination with Usnea which helped in arresting a possibility of an infection was used. In about 3 days, there was no sign of the wound. Thanks to Yarrow and Usnea plants!

What happens when you add salt to Cabbage?
What happens if you put salt in a Cabbage?

The book has interesting information on what happens if you put salt into a Cabbage. The end result you’ll get by fermentation — called Sauerkraut — is full of probiotics that protect your digestive tract, regulating bowel movements and in many cases preventing both diarrhea and constipation.

What a delight it is to use natural herbs or vegetables to deal with chronic constipation issues instead of consuming strong chemical based medicines which eventually harm the delicate lining of the stomach, colon walls, leading to other problems.

Some of Remedies from the ‘Lost book of Herbal Remedies

1. Fever remedies
2. Pain relieving remedies
3. Aiding bowel movements or curbing diarhhoea remedies
4. Foot pain relieving remedies
5. Relieve sore throat, minimize infections’ remedies
6. Balance blood sugar remedies
7. Managing allergic discomfort remedies
8. High blood pressure management remedies
9. Improve breathing and sinuses remedies
10. Dissolving kidney stones remedies
11. Clean blood vessels and blood veins remedies
12. Wound and bleeding reduction remedies
13. Managing skin infections remedies 
14. Stress reduction remedies 
15. Sleep improvement remedies
16. Improve immune system remedies
17. Naturally treat hemorrhoids remedies
18. Fight fungal and bacterial infections remedies
Remedy Relief

Top 7 reasons to get the ‘Lost book of Herbal Remedies’ today:

The top 7 reasons to get the “lost book of Herbal Remedies” today-

1. Minimize trips to the doctor for basic issues

2. Minimize use of over-the-counter medicines, which could have long term side effects

3. Balance your nutritional consumption with plants and herbs, and more scope for an alkaline way of life.

4. Prepare yourself and equip yourself with a wealth of information on natural resources around you, despite a lack of medicines or access to them, thereof.

5. Minimize dependency on external help, in times of small medical emergencies.

6. Help yourself discover the dimension of plants and herbs, which are so powerful and have been forgotten about.

7. Improve your way of life and introduces conscious lifestyle.

All of these reasons have long term positive benefits, to bring in a healthier lifestyle and natural remedies approach.

60 days money back guarantee- Another reason to get the book

60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

There is more wealth inside the Lost book of herbal remedies which cannot be accommodated in this article. The best part about the book is that if you are not satisfied with the value that it provides, they have 60 days money back guarantee, without any questions asked. 

And this brings me relief that the remedies are proven and evidence based, with the confidence of a money back option. On further research, I read several testimonials on the book.

Choose to get a digital copy or a physical copy of the book or get both. Buy the ‘Lost Book of Herbal Remedies‘ today!

Getting to the basics

The pandemic has shown us ways to value basics and simple aspects of living- basics of sanitizing, keeping clean, valuing social interactions, cherishing and looking forward to travelling, dressing up well and eating out, acknowledge simple joys of just going out to a restaurant or to meet everyone in a social gathering and so many aspects we just took for granted, due to our erstwhile routine.

The lockdown is a driven opportune for us to adapt these basics and sustain a consistency towards healthy living, cherish simple things, being mindful. Using herbal remedies, eating more natural foods, basic exercising is a good start for a more healthy living.

Getting a copy of the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is a 1st step to take, like several others who got it, too. 

Staying prepped, being in control (in case, any needy medical situation arises) is the priceless unconventional reward you can welcome, as an outcome of having this book, at your home. Feel free to review, research and just to be further assured about it, should there be a need. 

What People Are Saying About The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

What a Gem!

“I almost passed on buying this book due to the cost. I am so glad I have it on my shelf!! Haven’t you always wondered about those plants around the house? Especially the ones we call weeds? Well what a surprise to receive the book and open it up to see dozens of “weeds” in clear pictures with well written explanations about them. Healing is truly in the earth and all around us. The book explains each common plant, what it’s medicinal uses can be and then how to make them into safe and effective remedies. I can’t wait to get out there and harvest some that grow around my house and used to fall prey to the weed wacker!! The book and pages are copy paper size and well illustrated and very easy to read. I just love it!”

Ladyhawk14 – Pennsylvania, Retired hospice nurse, animal lover and rescuer

This is a GREAT book. for any survivalist, prepper or anyone tired of chemicals“[…]

If you are a prepper, survivalist, or off grider, this book is for you!!! It full of the old way (ALL NATURAL) home remedies. My wife and I have had need to try some, and although I was a little skeptical at first. I will say they work. Most of the ingredients can be found in the yard or on the roadside, and just need a little prep time. Also look at the Book, “The lost Ways” Both are worth having in you library.”

Andrew P. Arkansas

This is an important must-have book

“Really good reference source for herbal home remedies. The detailed pictures are very helpful when identifying the plants out in the wilds. The detailed instructions on mixing the herbs gives me confidence that I haven’t skipped any thing important. […] the information the reader needs is in the book. I feel the book is well worth the money and should be a staple on any self-reliant persons bookshelf.”


… book of Remedies is by far one of my better books. The book is very well written

“The lost book of Remedies is by far one of my better books. The book is very well written, fantastic colored illustration and easy to read. This book is amazing. I purchased 4. One for myself, 3 as gifts. this is a book you need to have. Seriously, I rarely write reviews. This book warrants rave and high reviews.”

Doc Washburn – St. Louis MO

Click below to buy the book

Get a copy of “The Lost book of Herbal Remedies”

The above article is a value based research and review article. The review and article is written only after doing considerate amount of research and finding testimonials from others. Do consult your doctor, before you use any of the herbal extracts, in case of any ongoing OTC medication regime for long term illness. This article contains affiliate links which means that if you find value in this article, click on the link (s) and you make a purchase through the links, it will help us earn a commission, at no extra cost to you.

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