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The pandemic has proven to us, in the 2nd year as well that it is one of the toughest times for us all. While there is little that can be done to control the pandemic, it is in togetherness that we can and must handle each day and fight back with our simple actions, with a positive mindset. There are guidelines and safety precautions that need to be followed with 100% acceptance. Here are our top quarantine tips to care for your body and mind, during the pandemic of Covid-19.

top tips for covid care


Top tips to care for your body and mind, during Covid-19 quarantine

Follow the basics

Following the basics is the golden thumb rule, during quarantine, to care for the body and for the mind. As cliched as it may sound, the below list has been consolidated from various sources and may seem familiar. It is a good reminder for all of us, to keep following these guidelines.

Care for the body

1. Wear a mask.

Now, when do you wear a mask– wear a mask whenever you have another person within your vicinity, outdoors. If the person is within your own family, living in the same home, you don’t need to wear a mask unless you suspect one of your family members is having flu-like symptoms.

wear a mask


Wear a mask

Wear a mask every time you step outside your home, whenever you are in the open air, even if in a park. Why you may ask?

Even if you are around a park bench or any surface that has been contaminated with the virus, and if the virus is alive, it can possibly spread to the nearest human being who comes in its contact.

Applying the same concept, wear a mask, whenever you need to receive or open a parcel or have to read a newspaper (which has traveled across several hands and surfaces in between) or read a magazine or use anything which you analyze has had several interactions, picked up from different surfaces- then mask up!

We have seen instances where parcels or packages have spread the virus, so don’t take any chances. Stepping into an elevator, pressing buttons on someone else’s phone or anywhere where there has been public movement- wear a mask and hand gloves if possible.


2. Carry and often, use a hand sanitizer and wash hands, as often, as required

keep hands clean


Keep hands clean- with sanitizer and hand wash

Always keep a hand sanitizer and use it every time you touch any surface. For that matter, wear a mask when opening parcels or packages, open the parcel after sanitizing it (if possible). And if not, after opening the parcel, sanitize the utility item inside and wash your hands with soap.

Avoid touching your face or eyes with your hands, directly. Do not rub your eyes with the hands, use a handkerchief or a tissue paper, instead.

3. Avoid eating directly from food delivery containers or boxes

Avoid directly eating from the containers that the outside food has been delivered in. In simple words, do not open the food delivery containers and straight away start eating out of them.

Food delivery box from outside


Food delivery box from outside

Make sure you wear a mask while receiving the food delivery, then empty out the food contents from the box and shift it carefully into a home bowl or plate. Heat the food, if applicable.

If the food is cold items like a smoothie or ice cream, then scoop or pour them out into your home bowl/glass and then consume with your own spoon or straw.

4. Avoid re-using the clothes after one use (one visit in them outside)

Every time you make a visit outside, to some office or bank or clinic or anywhere else, make sure you put the clothes for washing and have a thorough rinse before you settle in at home.

Clothes for washing after one use, outside


Put clothes for washing after one use, outside

The common rule could be that whenever you get back home from outside after attending to some work, head straight for a bath and put the clothes in the laundry basket, away from your living space, or covered up until wash time.

We need to remember that the virus could be present on clothes, packages, chairs, etc., and can be alive for several hours on that surface before it gets transferred.

5. Avoid making trips outside for errands or casual visits

Try to avoid making trips outside as much as possible. Stock up your pantry with food that does not spoil, get the necessary medicines beforehand to avoid small errands.

plan your trips ahead


Plan your trips ahead

Plan your important works ahead of time and club them into getting the works done in a single trip. Assess the day and time when the location of the visit is least crowded and then go out, accordingly with your safety gear of mask and sanitizer (and gloves if possible), along with you.

6. Eat healthy and sleep well.

Plan your meals and try to cook at home. Avoid ordering food from outside unless you are fully sure of the cleanliness measures taken to pack it. Plan for wholesome foods and a good balance of fruits along with your snacks, if any. Stay hydrated- which is often neglected when we are at home.

Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours. Avoid the temptation of binge-watching any movies or hook series till late at night. You can create cheat days to treat yourself to differentiate weekends if really needed. Sleep helps repair and rejuvenate yourself for a healthy metabolism.

7. Get fit and active

There is a possibility that staying home will make us more lethargic and low on energy. Don’t let that become routine. Make sure you maintain the physical exercise of some form- home chores, taking the stairs up and down, walking or running on that treadmill, or simply opting for the best option of Rebounding exercise– as per research, to bounce your way to fitness and wellness, on a mini-trampoline.

rebounding exercise


Rebounding exercise, top benefits- Full body workout from home

Rebounding exercise gives a full-body workout in a short time and all you need is a tiny space to store the mini-trampoline.

Care for your physical health, by choosing some form of fitness.

8. In case of flu-like symptoms, attend immediately

In case of any mild flu-like symptoms, immediately attend to yourself and do not delay treatment or diagnosis. Consult a doctor and stick to the next steps, based on the medical expert advice you receive.

Above all, do not panic and stay calm. Staying calm helps.

Care for the Mind

Care for the mind


Care for the mind

1. Stay calm

In a time and place, where there is the uncertainty of our basic need which is a healthy life, it is natural to feel worked up. But we need to make a conscious effort to stay calm. We need to stay calm to keep our heads clear and alert and to reserve our energies for a busy day.

2. Pray or meditate to nourish yourself, spiritually.

Develop the habit of praying or meditating every day. Also, focus on counting your breath- in and out, on a count of 3 (with eyes closed).




This helps in staying grounded and anchored. It also helps in establishing hope and clearing up your negative mindset.  

3. Grieve or vent out your emotions

If there is a grieving situation, let yourself go and empty your feelings out. Cry if you need to, indulge all in- but make sure you then get up and move on to the next activity that’s waiting for you to complete. It will not be easy but you need to keep going. We must accept and acknowledge that the whole world is in the same situation and fighting the same battle to stay safe, against the threat to health.

Vent out your emotions by writing in a journal or talking it out with your friends or family.

4. Keep a routine or busy schedule for you to do, while indoors.

Keep yourself busy. Work on your laptop, water the plants, care for your pets, play a musical instrument, write a journal or a book, record your thoughts on an audio or video, invest time in workout and meditation, indulge in a home spa for your face, feet, hands, sleep well, eat healthy, plan your meals- this list can go and on.

Keep a routine


Keep a routine

Whatever it is that suits you and is applicable for you, do it, as long as it favors a positive mindset and positive vibe within your home for you and your family, if applicable.

Share your day with friends or any one else- keep a progression chart, should you plan to achieve any goals, no matter how small they may be.

5. Stay connected with others

Make time to just staying connected with your family and friends on a regular basis. Avoid too much overload of social media or news information. Just get to know what is necessary and leave it at it, to avoid harboring or developing negative feelings which do not help.

6. Declutter your indoors, create favorite spaces

Get your indoors/home decluttered and create your favorite spaces. A space for your morning coffee, to pray or meditate. A space to read, a space for your phone calls, a space for relaxing, for workouts, for anything else based on your routine.




Analyze your schedule and things you need to do. Make sure you take your breaks, choose your spaces and spend time accordingly. Make sure there is enough for you to do and simply get up, move around, within your stay indoors. Even if the space indoors or your home is a much smaller place, declutter and create your favorite corner. Any time you sit in your favorite spot,  take it as a treat and club it along with a favorite activity like playing the guitar, or reading or just listening to music or anything else. You get the point I am sure.

7. Have dress-up days-on no agenda days or on workdays

Yes, as silly or trivial as it may sound- this is important. Get out of those pajamas! This is especially relevant to those of us, who work and live in our PJs.

Dress up


Dress up

Get your smart clothes out, plan ahead and dress up in them- get sharp! Admire yourself, make as many video calls as possible, spend your day(s), all dressed up, take lots of photographs and share with friends. This helps to uplift one’s mood and gives a feel-good factor, especially now that we stay indoors and do not get to dress up and go out much, as much.

These are some of the consolidated tips that can be followed during quarantine, for your body and mind.

Staying calm helps- so reinforce this behavior with yourself and with your loved ones. Just tune back into your calmer self and take strength from within. Get back into your meditative state or prayer state if it is okay to do so.

Surrender to the process and to the medical protocols that need to be done. Be diligent in the care that needs to be taken and be careful.

Follow medical protocols


Follow medical protocols

The objective is to make the most.., out of the little we have, despite the current limitations. We need to develop resilient attitudes for our sake, our families, and for humanity’s sake.

Stay indoors, stay safe and stay healthy!

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