Rebounding: The 6 Secrets To Radiant Skin

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Skip your appointment at the salon and head to your trampoline, instead! What if along with losing weight, rebounding gives you the added benefit of radiant skin? Too tempting to let go, right?

Get glowing skin with rebounding!
Get glowing skin with rebounding!

If you’re thinking of getting that facial massage done to look your best at your next social event, here is a more reliable and proven way to look your best! Get yourself a rebounder or trampoline.

It is not us, but proven science that is telling this. Don’t believe us, still? Well, here is a deep dive, and research we did for you. We made sure that this is not fluff but solid gen you can apply immediately. Here are the six secrets (all disclosed!) of rebounding which are a sure-shot way to give you glowing skin.

Secret 01: Ramp up that flow with rebounding

Exercise boosts blood circulation and its flow. In the process, it pumps oxygen-rich blood to the largest organ in the body, your skin! And by making rebounding your choice of exercise you have just amplified this inner workout. Rebounding works against gravity, burns calories, and moves the lymph. With all this on one side, the scrubbing is done at a cellular level.

Rebounding improves blood circulation
Rebounding improves blood circulation

No wonder when you pull up your socks and get to some serious physical work, apart from sweating the blood circulation flushes your cheeks and gives that radiant glow when you least expected it.

Secret 02: Sweat that stuff out

If you are into make-up or the use of moisturizers, cleansing or washing your face alone does not clean it all off. Sweating opens up the pores of your skin and eliminates dirt, gunk, and chemicals that may have seeped in. Apart from cleaning up the skin’s pores, sweating adds tiny nutrients like urea to the skin layer. Urea is an ingredient that is used in skin products to nourish the skin and keep it supple.

Rebounding and sweating boost skin glow
Rebounding and sweating boost skin glow

Contrary to the popular belief that sweating causes acne, the skin’s pores in fact open up, cleanse and flush out dirt with sweat. According to scientific research, sweat contains microbes that guard the skin against infection-causing germs.

With the expulsion of dirt, grime, and chemicals from the skin, the glow is evident. This is undoubtedly, an additional bonus to burning calories, looking good instantly, and feeling rejuvenated.

Secret 03: Drain out that lymph

Skin inflammation, puffiness, and heavy retention could be significant signs of a blocked lymphatic system. Your skin apart from being the largest organ is also, one of the key organs to flush out and drain lymph.

Drain the lymph in two ways. One way is through movement and jumps. The other ways is by sweating and perspiration.

With movement, the muscles move along with the connected tissues and stimulate the lymph to gently drain out. The lymph draining occurs only when the stimulation is gentle and feather-light. And with the rhythmic jumps on a rebounder, working against gravity in repeated sequences initiates and drains the lymph successfully.

Rebounding drains out the lymph
Rebounding drains out the lymph

After the lymph is drained out, the sweat detox and the heightened metabolism leave you with fresh, radiant skin minus the puffed-up lymph.

Secret 04: Tighten and tone the skin

Rebounding boosts muscle health and strengthens them. When the muscles get tightened, the skin supporting the muscle also gets toned. With the expulsion of dirt and sweat, the skin pores get more closed up and compact. All this activity, along with blood circulation leads to skin toning.

Rebounding tightens and tones the skin
Rebounding tightens and tones the skin

Rebounding works at a cellular level, as the rhythm of jumps is against gravity and in equal exertions per jump. This directly builds your cellular health and strength. Research has proven that with continued exercise the topmost layer of the skin gets toned and toughened while minimizing sagging or loss of elasticity due to age-related factors.

Secret 05: Breakdown that cellulite

Studies have indicated that the accumulated lymphatic system could be a big culprit behind sagging skin, ‘non-youthful’ skin, (sounds weird but you get the point!), and puffiness. In simpler words, poor blood circulation causes cellulite. Though cellulite is harmless, it is a preference if you are in favor of even, toned skin. Rebounding is a perfect workout to get rid of accumulated lymph.

By rebounding, there is a boost of oxygen replenished in your skin along with healthy blood circulation. This leads to the breaking down of cellulite and helps even out the cellulite-caused dimples. Additionally, with the strengthening of the muscle due to rebounding, the muscle contracts. This contraction of the muscle helps in the tightening of the skin, reducing cellulite.

With consistency in rebounding, you can get great results of toned and glowing skin, not only on your face but also on the rest of your body where cellulite is more present. For tips on some cool moves which are specific to anti-cellulite, click on the video below.

Rebounding helps in reducing cellulite

Secret 06: Cut down that stress

Stress causes high cortisol levels. And when there is high stress, aging lines start showing up. One of the best ways to keep track of cortisol is to let off some stress by stepping on your rebounder.

Rebounding uplifts the mood and induces happier feelings and a carefree sense. And when stress is controlled or reduced, it helps in collagen production. And low stress also helps in active cell regeneration. This explains why we wake up with healthy-looking skin in the morning after a good night’s sleep, without stress and more rest.

Rebounding cuts down on stress
Rebounding cuts down on stress

Rebounding directly or indirectly helps in collagen build-up so that your skin has a more supple and youthful look to it.

Fishing for compliments has never been easier. If compliments have never been your thing, look good and feel good anyways! Shelve your cheek bronzer and ditch that jade roller! Step on your rebounder sometime before your social event, and charge up your energy and skin. Plan it in such a way that you have sufficient time to cool off, shower, and dress up. For someone like me, I’d squeeze in a cat nap after the shower and then get ready to take on the world…with a good mix of fun, fitness, and beauty regime!

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