Top Reasons Why a Custom Keto Diet Quickens Weight loss and Improves overall health

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What is a Custom Keto Diet?

The term Keto has been derived from a ‘Ketone’. Also, Keto is short term used in reference to ketogenic. It is in relation to a diet that suggests low intake of carbohydrates with high intake of fat-based diet, minimal protein intake. Often, Keto diet has been linked to getting short-term weight loss results. While Keto diet has many benefits including the much coveted aspect of fat burning, making the most of a Keto diet is important. Hence, getting a Custom keto diet which is suitable to your bio-profile is key. By bio-profile, what we mean is, the height, weight, body mass index and any other health concerns which will play an important role in determining the key elements of a Custom keto diet, for you.

Keto diet
Keto Diet

Keto diet explained

So, what is the buzz around a Keto diet and why is it so popular.

A Keto diet comprises a low intake of carbohydrates with an increased intake of fats, minimal protein intake. A body needs energy to perform day to day activities, including cognitive activities. Typically, the body gets its energy from carbohydrates. In a Keto diet, carbohydrates are planned for a minimal intake. With fewer carbohydrates in the body, the body generates energy by using up stored up body fuel. The body fuel is consumed by means of Ketones. Ketones are like alternative fuels for the body.

Usually when the body is in a fasting state or in a dieting state, Ketones are formed, in order to supply the body’s fuel needs. In short, Ketones aid in the fat burning process in the body.  


This entire process of using ketones, for burning body fuel for energy is referred to as Ketosis. Often, Ketosis is a state in which weight loss occurs as the stored up fats are being consumed, for need of energy.

While Ketosis is a natural state of the body, especially when food is deprived during fasting or starvation, Keto diet systematically triggers Ketosis while focusing on high intake of fats.

What happens during Ketosis?

The body’s fuel is burnt up and calories are consumed. Initially, once Ketosis sets in, the body’s water weight is reduced. Meaning, the water retained in the body cells are drained out. Also, the sugar levels in the body are reduced and regulated. The sugar levels get regulated as the glucose for energy is not present due to lesser carbohydrates, starchy foods or sugars.

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Keto diet for beginners

For beginners, firstly, it is important to understand how Ketosis works. The impact and results of a Keto diet may vary in showing results, based on various individual factors, including the history of health concerns one may have.

It is recommended that a Keto diet is adopted only after a thorough review of one’s body state, age, weight, body mass index and other health concerns (if any), with a nutritional expert.

It is suggested that a custom keto diet plan is followed, instead of following a standardized keto diet with lists of foods to eat.

After a Keto diet is started, beginners usually experience what is referred to as “Keto flu”.

If you have signs of headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, flu like symptoms – then it could be the Keto flu. Keto flu is short term in nature and may typically last between 2 to 7 days, initially. While it is expected in some individuals (and not all), it is important to observe and take care according to the symptoms one may experience.

Keto flu exact reason may not be attributable, but it could be a sign of carbohydrate withdrawal, change in gut bacteria, nutrition variations from routine food habits or due to the initial adjustment to the Ketosis process in the body.

It is recommended to consult a nutritional expert, before finalizing a Keto diet plan, as per the individual’s bio-details and personal medical information.

Keto Diet- Quick tips for beginners

Quick tips for beginners before starting a Keto diet

  • Be aware of your medical profile and discuss with a medical or nutritional expert.
  • Start slow and observe
  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of Keto foods
  • Be prepared and expect Keto flu and the signs of early Ketosis
  • Try to make Keto recipes which help to stay sustained for the full course of the plan.
  • Listen to your body and keep a tab on the changes
  • Prepare for alternate options (under Keto) to balance out any deprivation of minerals and nutrients; discuss proactively with your nutritional expert.
  • After the initial phase of adjustment, try to be physically active by doing minimal exercise or brisk walking, as it will support in Ketosis and produce Ketones.
  • Do not follow a Keto diet for a long term period, as it is not clear as to the long term impact of a Keto diet, on the body’s functioning.
  • Keto diet is great for short term and can be managed between 3-8 weeks on an average.

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Keto recipes
Delicious and Easy Keto Recipes

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Benefits of a Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet is not something new, in the field of diet plans. In fact, the buzz of a Keto diet remains due to the enormous number of benefits that a Keto diet typically brings. Keto diet has been successfully studied and implemented in the medical field to treat epilepsy in children, Type 2 Diabetes and even few types of cancer.

  • Top few benefits known to many who adopt the Custom Ketogenic diet are listed- but the top most one is overall good health.
  • Weight loss is only one of the several benefits of a Keto diet.
  • Clearer skin
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced water retention
  • Lesser body fat and more leaner muscle
  • Reduced bad cholesterol
  • Reduced triglycerides
  • Regulated blood sugar
  • Regulated blood pressure.
  • Increased strength and energy

Keto diet is known to provide a range of benefits, when followed for a short term.

Keto diet helps boost immunity to fight infections, increase energy and strength, burn stubborn fat and help in rapid weight loss, reduce bad cholesterol, improve skin, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

Long term Keto diet

Medical experts and researchers are yet to establish the long term affects of a Keto diet.

Studies indicate that fatty food content in a Keto diet may have detrimental concerns on the liver and also, may prove heavy on the heart, in the long term. Traditionally, fatty food and high proteins have been observed to cause some health concerns such as digestive issues like constipation, formation of kidney stones, more presence of protein in the blood flow, lack of energy long term results in fatigue and brain fog, irritability and nausea, bad breath.

Additionally, since it may be difficult to sustain a Keto diet, it may result in weight fluctuations and other challenges due to its micro-nutritional nature of food components.  Also, it is not advisable for people with chronic health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, etc to adopt a Keto diet, without a medical expert’s consultation.  Ketosis is a sustained change in metabolism which may have different changes in different body types. Hence, if someone is having long term health concerns, it is recommended to have a medical expert closely monitor the changes in the body and adjust the Keto diet accordingly.

keto diet
Keto food

Despite, these long term concerns being contemplated in the medical research circle, the positive benefits of a Keto diet has kept the diet ongoing and millions follow this diet, since the 1920s.

So, if you are someone looking for quick weight loss results, looking for managing your health naturally to lower cholesterol, boost your immunity, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure – then Keto is the way to go (for a short term plan). Additionally, Keto also, gives you improved skin and uplifts your mood, makes you feel great with more energy and strength.

Keto diets have been embraced by many due to the continued great results, the keto diet plan gives. The favorite part of it being, you get to eat a lot of your usually ‘forbidden’ fatty foods.

In a way, you eat so much of your cheese cakes and the yummy fats that you could take a break from it, once your Keto diet ends, after you have achieved your desirable results.

Could the custom keto diet be the most loved way to lose those extra pounds? Let’s try it out and see.

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